As we know many event can cause SD card corrupted, like virus infection, system crash or sudden power off. And when the SD card is corrupted or formatted, the files, photos, pictures, documents are lost or damaged. Then how to recoverfiles from sd card after corruption?

We just need a SD card recovery software to get those lost files back. And Corrupted Photo Recovery Pro is a good choice. Many people said that. Then let’s see why they choose it?

First, this is a professional photo recovery tool which can help you recover deleted or corrupted photos, pictures from memory card in a few easy steps.

Second, this SD card recovery tool can recover SD card photos, but also can recover deleted photos from other all kinds of memory card, like CF, MMC,SD, SDHC, USB and so on.

Third, this is a powerful file recovery software, which can recover all kinds of file types from formatted or corrupted memory card. such as photos, pictures, music, movies, documents, emails.

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